Vision and Values


We have a compelling desire to provide high quality, personalised and rounded education for everyone, right in the heart of our local community. We believe that no school can be deemed successful unless all those around it are also successful, popular and flourishing. Hence we believe that dynamic, mutually accountable collaboration and challenge between local schools as members of the LiFE MAT is the cornerstone of our future success.

Each of our schools needs to be seen as a leader of, and vital to, its local community; each school is regarded as fundamental to the identity of its surrounding community. In this capacity we will relentlessly promote the values of inclusion and the celebration of diversity, alongside personal responsibility and respect.


  • Ensuring that every student achieves positive, life changing outcomes
  • Providing a whole education: academic excellence co-existing with an exceptional commitment to contributing to our communities and leading beyond the school gate
  • The relentless pursuit of excellence by; expecting this of every person, every day; recognising and celebrating behaviours that lead to great progress and promoting and celebrating exceptional performance and contributions inside school and in the wider world
  • Valuing and promoting the celebration and understanding of equity, diversity and the qualities of our staff and students
  • Ensuring that all students and staff feel known, appreciated and supported paying first attention to the most vulnerable
  • Committing whole-heartedly to collaboration within, between and beyond our academies
  • Ensuring our curricula are agents for the promotion of our values