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How Placements Work: Secondary

Secondary Placements
In school, your subject teaching will be closely monitored and supported by mentors in the faculty. A senior member of staff, the ITT co-ordinator holds overall responsibility for the training of trainee teachers, including tutorials and the provision of opportunities for professional development and whole school concerns – such as the importance and use of technology in the classroom to facilitate learning and reduce workload.

Please find below details of placement structures for each of our partner universities.

The University of Leicester
University of Leicester – Secondary
Phase A Phase B
8 Weeks 15 Weeks

Phase A comprises 8 weeks of school based experience. Every trainee maintains a Professional Development Record. This is where you will log evidence of your progress. Students will be expected to write entries in a reflective journal to record and reflect on key moments and critical incidents in theri professional development.

Phase B begins and a substantial period of teaching experience including a subject project, other activities and finally a reduced teaching load, before a welcome summer break!

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