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Success Stories

The main reason I opted to study through the school direct route with Groby and Partners was mainly because of the professionalism and communication with the partnership. I met the School Direct representative through a Leicester University Train to Teach Open Day and immediately the team at Groby and Partners stood out for me. They were professional and knowledgeable about the requirements and course eligibility and also did not hesitate to answer the plethora of questions I had. The professionalism continued when I had to organise a School Experience Day at their lead school Brookvale Groby Learning Campus. The department I volunteered in were really supportive, prompt with their email communications and extremely organised – all the things you look for when making a decision to change careers. Another reason was also the proximity of the schools to my home address, which meant I would be able to train in a variety of schools without having a long commute. Finally, the added advantage of training with this partnership was being able to be considered first for any job opportunities within their schools if there were vacancies.

2019-20 School Direct Trainee, Humanities NQT Brookvale Groby Learning Campus.

I chose LiFE MAT and Partners as my School Direct initial teacher training provider as the coordinators made me feel welcome and at ease from day one. I knew immediately during my interview that this was the provider I would choose, being organised, positive and supportive throughout the process. The range of schools available were all within a 20 minute drive for me, which is a real benefit of choosing School Direct over the core university route. These schools are also mostly rural with a good reputation. I thoroughly enjoyed my phase A placement at Brookvale Groby, where I received support and coaching that went above and beyond the professional responsibilities of my mentor and other departmental staff. My professional development and confidence progressed as a direct result of the training and guidance provided by my mentor, who continues to stay touch and support me now during my NQT year. I was lucky to secure a full time permanent position as a science teacher at Bosworth Academy in March 2020. Bosworth Academy is an outstanding school within the partnership, and having received ITT there on numerous occasions, I got to experience the schools ethos and meet with staff prior to submitting my application. I am about to complete my first half-term as an NQT, and my current with the training I have come to expect and thrive from with Groby and Partners. I am enjoying my job and look forward to a long and successful career as a science teacher.

2019-20 School Direct Trainee, Science (Biology) NQT Bosworth Academy.

I chose School Direct and in particular LiFE MAT and Partners as I wanted the best training possible. I really liked the idea that the professional training days would take place within schools in the partnership, in smaller groups and by experts in that area. At an early point in my training, the school direct option allowed for immediate immersion into school life. School Direct perfectly balances the theory and practical sides to the training so that, in my opinion, you’re able to progress at the optimum rate.

The schools within the partnership were also a key decision – it was important to me that I knew the school in which I would be placed and the schools within this partnership come with great reputations. Having now secured a job within one of the partnership schools meant that I was able to hit the ground running in my NQT year and know that the support I have and will receive will be second to none.

2019-20 School Direct Trainee, English NQT Bosworth Academy.

For more information, please contact; Nicola Sterne, School Direct Administrator Email: [email protected]