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SEP: What others’ say about our SEP

“Taking part in the SEP at Brookvale Groby learning Campus was fantastic. The students and staff were really welcoming and helpful and observing these genuinely inspirational teachers helped me to become sure that teaching is the career for me.”
KS – English

“The key points I’ll take away today are; the teacher’s passion, their ability to think on their feet and that there’s no one way to teach – all lessons were different.”
NS – English

“The supportiveness and friendliness of teaching and non-teaching staff, attentiveness and involvement of students during lessons, the laboratory exercises were functional and safe.”
JC – Chemistry

“I have more knowledge about teachers’ life, student experience and behaviour in the classroom and the School Direct programme.”
SE Biology

“An eye opener into the life of a teacher.”
TH Computer Science

“Students are well informed of their learning outcomes for each lesson and are on board with these. The teachers understand the needs and levels of their students and adapt their approach to engage students and to get the best out of them.”
EM English

“The key things I’ll take away from today are the challenge of teaching mixed ability groups and an idea of the planning that goes into each lesson.”

The following is a small sample of feedback from people who have been to visit us:

  • I found the experience highly rewarding and an incredible insight into the job
  • I was grateful to be able to observe a range of different year groups and abilities to see how teachers structured their lessons
  • Thank you for this fabulous day
  • I was surprised to see the excitement students experienced conducting Chemistry experiments

For more information, please contact; Nicola Sterne, School Direct Administrator Email: [email protected]